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Powerhouse One and Kjørbo
Authors: Publication Year: 2012

Passive House as normality?
Authors: Publication Year: 2012

Powerhouse One og Kjørbo
Authors: Publication Year: 2012

Powerhouse One
Authors: Publication Year: 2012

Energikonsept for Powerhouse One
Authors: Publication Year: 2012

Powerhouse One i Trondheim
Authors: Publication Year: 2011

Freeze protection in ventilation systems is important to avoid freeze damages and increase in maintenance costs. Freezing in a ventilation system can appear in construction and operation phase. The aim of this study was to test a new method for freeze protection in ventilation system. This method implies use of an additional heat exchanger. The method used two hydronic circuits: the first one with water on energy supply side, and second one with mixture of glycol and water at the secondary side. The mixture transfers heat from the energy source via an additional heat exchanger to the coil in the…

This paper shows how much electricity generation would be needed for a passive house to achieve a zero emission balance over the year, hence to become a Zero Emission Building, ZEB. The case study is based on the passive house apartment blocks built in 2008 in Løvåshagen, near Bergen, Norway, and the analysis focuses on the consequences of adopting different heating systems. With the carbon emission factors assumed, it is shown that the sole PV installation on the roof is generally not sufficient to generate all the electricity needed to achieve the ZEB balance. Possible integrations are the use of…

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