Nanoelectrochromics with Applied Materials and Methodologies
Authors: Publication Year: 2010

Electrochromic (EC) materials that change their optical transmittance under an external electrical field may form the basis of “smart windows”, which are of great interest in forthcoming building technologies. Nanostructured EC materials or assemblies have revealed remarkable improvement on colouration efficiency and switching time due to their small featured sizes and large surface areas. Here, the recent progress of nanoelectrochromics is reviewed; the scientific and technical issues related to material preparation and device assembly for large-area and large-scale window applications are discussed.

Additional Info

  • WP: Advanced materials technologies
  • Publication Year: 2010
  • Pages: 61-71
  • Name of proceedings: Proceedings of Renewable Energy Research conference 2010
  • Name of conference: Renewable Energy Research Conference
  • Town: Trondheim
  • Country: Norway
  • Date from: mandag, 07 juni 2010
  • Date to: tirsdag, 08 juni 2010
  • Publisher: Tapir Akademisk Forlag

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