Sør-Trøndelag County Council Authority are actively using ZEB expertise during the procurement process for the new Heimdal High School and Multipurpose Arena.

sor t This pilot project has a total built area of over 25,000 m2, and together with the ZEB Centre the County has defined the objective of ZEB O – 20% M for the school. This means that all the energy use for operation plus 20% of the energy for the production of building materials should be compensated by renewable energy generation.

The pilot project has contributed to targeted skills development through a competition phase, which initially involved eight contractors and consultants. Three of these actors entered a second phase, with increased internal environmental focus. Participation in the project offers a competitive advantage for all those involved because the future will require increased focus on good environmental solutions.




Partner - sør-trøndelag

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Rune Venås

Marit Sollien

Torgeir Mjønes

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Inger Andresen