Improving the interaction between Net-ZEB and the grid using advanced control of heat pumps
Authors: Publication Year: 2013

Design principles in Net-ZEB considers the local energy infrastructure as virtual storage leading to large amount of energy exchange with the grid. Nonetheless, with high Net-ZEB penetration scenarios, such exchange could compromise the effectiveness of Net- ZEB concept in a total energy infrastructure. As the current market trends, heat pumps along with photovoltaics are seen as an emerging energy supply solutions in Net-ZEB buildings, effectiveness of an all-electric Net-ZEB (that is using air-to-water heat pump with photovoltaic) is analysed. Two concrete control cases of energy storage (compared to reference case) to assess Net-ZEB ability to self-consume vs. grid empowerment are studied. Results shows that introduc tion of storage buffer in such concept leads to a flexibility of almost 6 % in self-consumption and 13 % in grid-impact factor and in-turn provide significant manoeuvring space to the demand-supply balance at the grid level.


Additional Info

  • WP: Energy supply systems and services
  • Publication Year: 2013
  • ISSN / ISBN: 978-2-7466-6294-0
  • Pages: 1365-1372
  • Name of proceedings: Building Simulation 2013 - 13th International Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association
  • Name of conference: Building Simulation Conference (BS2013)
  • Town: Chambéry
  • Country: France
  • Date from: Sunday, 25 August 2013
  • Date to: Thursday, 29 August 2013
  • Editor(s)/Author(s) of the Book: IBPSA
  • Publisher: IBPSA

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