Isola has during the period 2009-2015 made the following contributions to ZEB:


Foundations and floors:

Solutions for radon gas protection using an asphalt membrane system, sleeves/cuffs/collars to seal penetrations and a self-levelling sealant for pipe connectors.

A Sill membrane with radon membrane adherence, simplifying and streamlining assembly work when sealing the radon membrane. Participation in a research project on the effect of a reflective layer mounted in creep-room systems, to enable less use of insulation materials compared to a traditional insulated slab construction.


Developing products and systems for exterior moisture protection and air-tightness - Isola Tyvek System. The system consists of wind-barriers and underlay products from Du Pont, along with modified sealing system components developed by Isola.

The development of products and systems for internal humidity control and the air sealing of the vapour barrier layer with a wide range of Isola tape and adhesive products.

The development of detailed solutions for smart vapour barriers, moisture control and desiccation on the warm side of the structure, from Du Pont and adaption of these solutions to suit Norwegian building traditions.

The development of an energy-efficient solution using a reflective layer, developed as a retracted vapour barrier, as a thermal insulation element in walls and ceilings. The solution simplifies and streamlines the installation of electrical cables and pipes.

The development and customisation of sleeves for the interior and exterior sealing of pipe penetrations in wind and vapour barriers.

The development of moisture resistant tape and adhesive solutions for the installation of windows and doors around the vapour and wind barrier layers.


The development of a robust roofing system for suitable for mounting of solar panels.

Collars for pipe penetrations.

A smart vapour barrier system for moisture management and drying out the warm side of the surface, and on sloped roof constructions.

Pilot Buildings:

Isola is participating in 5 ZEB Pilot Building with products and solutions that are adapted to achieve the ZEB standards.

MultiComfort house along with Brødrene Dahl-Optimera - Larvik

ISOLA contributions:

Radon prevention System

Reflective layer in crawl spaces. Reflective wind barrier for crawl spaces and sleeves for penetrations.

Sill membrane for vapour and wind barriers

Air Profile System for floors with an insulation support system.

A sealing system for vapour barrier sleeves and tape solutions.

A sealing solution for moisture-proof window seals. A special membrane Flexwrap, tape and rims system.

Sealing solutions for sleeve penetrations.

A robust roofing underlay system for a sloping wall

A robust underlay system for pitched roof cuffs for pipe penetrations.

Robust roofing solution for solar panels-cuffs.

Living Lab NTNU-SINTEF Trondheim

Isola sill-membrane, a moisture and sealing solution between foundations and walls.

Isola Climate System: Wind barriers in the walls and ceilings / wind barrier in roofs and connections

A reflective vapour barrier system and an internal vapour barrier solution.

Tape and cuffs for sealing wind and vapour barriers

Test Cell SINTEF Trondheim

Sill system

Wind barrier and ceilings (Isola Climate System)

Isola Stag – Wall shoring

Reflective vapour barrier in walls and roofs

Administration Building Håkonsvern Forsvarsbygg –Bergen

Wind barrier system, a UV stabilised wind barrier with tape and adhesive products.

Skarpnes Zero house housing estate -SKANSKA- Sharpnes, Arendal

Isola Radon System, with the development of a tightening system for the transition onto a brick wall.

A sill membrane with radon tab to allow adherence to the Isola Radon Membrane

The development of an Energy Efficient Wall Construction along with SKANSKA-NORDAN and GLAVA. A U value 0,14- reflective vapour barrier and sealing solutions for wind and moisture barriers.

Wind barrier and false ceilings - Isola Climate System

Insulation of windows with expanding insulation

Cuffs for sealing pipe penetrations

A sealing solution for the vapour barrier layer and the testing of tape systems

Sealing solutions for wind barriers - testing of tape systems

Air Leakage measurements for Isola Tyvek Climate System approval.

Isola has been active in ZEB work packages - WP1, WP2 and WP5. The main focus is on moisture protection and energy efficiency for the entire building structure. WP1 and WP2 provide valuable input towards the development of energy efficient and moisture-proof solutions. This has strengthened Isola's role within the Norwegian construction industry and provided the company with the foundation to become a leader within these fields. The increased knowledge provided by WP1 and WP2 will be used to continue to develop new products and systems for the damp proofing and energy-efficiency in buildings. WP5 has provided Isola with specific feedback about how our systems and products can meet the requirements necessary in future ZEB buildings, with regard to both moisture protection and the building energy efficiency.

Isola has participated in, and contributed with products and solutions towards 5 ZEB Pilot building projects. Isola's task has been to solve challenges associated with the building envelope, so that each is built with reliable moisture systems and optimal energy efficiency. Isola's intention is to promote innovation in all their activities. Several collaborative projects with Du Pont about the development of new materials have taken place. A research project in collaboration with SINTEF is taking place in the ZEB Pilot House Larvik in Rindalskogen outside Larvik. The intention is to measure energy efficiency achieved by establishing one or more reflective layers in the airspace found in crawl space structures. The house's energy use is continuously logged using data collected from a number of sensors. The house's temperature and humidity are important parameters which will be measured and interpreted.

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