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Multiconsult maintains its academic strength through participation in research and development and aims to be at the forefront in the market by being a company with a strong focus on social responsibility.


This has been the main motivation for being a ZEB partner. Multiconsult participated in a number of ZEB pilot projects around the country. The company's extensive solar energy expertise has contributed and continues to contribute to projects such as Powerhouse In Brattørkaia, Powerhouse II Kjørbo, Zero Village Bergen and Skarpnes, through consulting, simulation and engineering. At the Haakonsvern depot building, Multiconsult has contributed within the majority of fields related to the preliminary project design and feasibility study, as well as providing assistance in connection with the handover of the photovoltaic plant. Multiconsult was part of the organising committee for the 2015 ZEB Conference and has also contributed a number of presentations, within several subjects, at other ZEB conferences.

Photo: Zero Village Bergen. Ill: Snøhetta

Photo: Powerhouse Brattørkaia. Ill: Snøhetta

Multiconsult's research activity is presented in two ZEB reports:

- Report: Powerhouse Brattørkaia – Du ser det ikke før du tror det!
(Powerhouse Brattørkaia - You will not see it until you believe it!)

- Report: Zero Village Bergen - Aggregated loads and PV generation profil
(Zero Village Bergen - Aggregated loads and PV generation profiles)

In addition Multiconsult is involved in other R & D projects that are not directly related to the ZEB centre, but are relevant because they deal with sustainable construction and upgrades

- 2015: Klima 2050
Multiconsult is a consortium partner in Klima 2050, a Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) financed by the Research Council of Norway and consortium partners.

- 2013-2015: SUstainable REfurbishment 2 (SURE 2)
Client: Nordic Innovation Centre
A Nordic research project with the goal of establishing common guidelines for the sustainable upgrading of buildings.

- 2014: Markedsdata og indikatorer for framtidens bygg (Market data and indicators for future buildings)
Client: Enova SF
Collect and analyze market information for materials and technologies related to future buildings, including low energy, zero-energy and plus-energy buildings.

- 2013-2014: Kulturvern og bærekraftig oppgradering av murgårder fra 1800-tallet (Cultural heritage and sustainable upgrading of brick apartment buildings from the 1800s)
Principal: The Norwegian Housing Bank
The main project objective is to increase expertise about how increased demands for sustainable upgrading may be balanced with cultural heritage considerations in brick buildings.

- 2013-2014: Veileder for bærekraftig oppgradering av murgårder og boligblokker
(A guide for sustainable upgrading of brick apartment buildings and other apartment blocks)
Principal: The Housing Bank
The main project objective is to generate new knowledge about what upgrade measures for energy efficiency, the environment and universal design are applicable for a brick buildings and apartment building.

- 2009-2011: SUstainable REfurbishment (SURE)
Client: Nordic Innovation Centre
Nordic research project that looks at how to achieve the sustainable modernization of buildings with emphasis on energy and environment.


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