PCM Application - Effect on energy use and Indoor temperature
Authors: Publication Year: 2012

Thermal comfort is one of the most important factors for the success of design. Many investigations have been made since people realized the importance of energy conservation in a building. PCM is an example of such innovation in building material that helps to maintain the thermal comfort in building and also lessen the energy demand. PCM works on a principle of latent heat storage in which the material is capable of storing the heat while it reaches melting and later releases this heat in useful form.

This thesis looks into the behavior of PCM when applied on different building component and in different building criteria. It more over looks into the energy demand and Indoor Air temperature differences when PCM applied to a building. The simulation program WUFI Plus is used to simulate different cases with varied criteria and these cases are compared to discuss more about the topic.

Additional Info

  • WP: Advanced materials technologies
  • Publication Year: 2012
  • Publication Place: Trondheim, Norway
  • Publisher: NTNU
  • Type: MSc Thesis

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