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Statsbygg's main contribution to ZEB is the construction of the first zero emission building built at ZEB-COM level; the new teaching and administration building at Campus Evenstad, Hedmark University College.

statsbyggStatsbygg is a large property owner and manager with a portfolio of 2.8 million m2 of buildings, as well as a number of buildings under construction. The knowledge gathered through participation in the ZEB centre has therefore widespread implications for the building industry.

During the project development phase, a number of innovative solutions have been developed, including a new construction system and a local biomass based combined heat and power system. The building is due to be completed in the autumn 2016.

Statsbygg's strategic goal is to deliver zero-emission buildings by 2030, in collaboration with the building industry. The ZEB-COM pilot project at Evenstad is a part of this work. In 2015, Statsbygg set a goal of cutting the total greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30 percent from our portfolio of new buildings.

What we are most proud of:

• Statsbygg is the first member of the construction and management industry to build a zero-emission building at the highest currently defined level, ZEB-COM at Campus Evenstad

• The pilot project is characterised by green innovation and it is likely that it will do more than achieve its ZEB-COM ambition

• The Evenstad pilot project uses new environmental technologies for renewable energy production in the Norwegian context; this includes a small-scale combined heat and power plant which is based on biomass gasification

• The pilot project at Campus Evenstad utilizes local renewable resources from Hedmark to the fullest: it will utilize new construction elements based on solid wood and will use wood chip gasification to produce local renewable energy to be used by the new building, the entire campus area and the wider energy supply network

• Statsbygg will during the construction project, use prefabricated exterior walls in solid wood, not previously produced in Norway. If production in Norway continues, this solution will help to further develop the Norwegian solid-wood market


The new teaching and administration building at Campus Evenstad, Hedmark University College will be completed in the autumn 2016. Illustration: Ola Roald arkitektur AS




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